“A Birthday Homecoming, Tribute, and Celebration of Life at the NYC Marathon”

Dr. Clayton Lawrence, LEAP, LLC CEO and LEAP Foundation DC Chairman, will run the NYC Marathon, November 6th, to celebrate his birthday and honor his father’s memory.
WASHINGTONNov. 4, 2016 — The New York City Marathon will celebrate its 46thanniversary this year, and as the number of race finishers has grown from only 55 in its very first year in 1970, to more than 50,000 finishers, the race will be an even more meaningful event for participant Dr. Clayton Lawrence this Sunday.

A New York native, the decorated veteran physician, fitness expert, and endurance athlete will not only be experiencing a home-going of sorts, but will also be celebrating his birthday on November 5th. Even more importantly, Dr. Lawrence will be racing in support of The V Foundation of Cancer Research to honor the memory of his father who died of prostate cancer.

When asked about the significance of the weekend, Dr. Lawrence stated, “New York will always be a place that I consider home. To have the ability to run in a marathon with such rich history, to do so as I celebrate another year of life, and to do so in honor and memory of my father’s life, as I run to raise funds and awareness for The V Foundation, makes this a truly special weekend for me.”

Dr. Lawrence has been an avid endurance athlete since 2011. Having established his foundation for personal fitness during his time in the United States Army, the health and fitness expert has adopted a lifelong mentality of leading by example when it comes to healthy living. “Throughout the course of my professional career,” Lawrence said, “my primary role has always been tied to helping others get well and stay healthy. I, myself, have to be able to demonstrate my own personal commitment to health and wellness if I am going to try and help others establish that same foundation for leading healthy lifestyles.”

Lawrence has earned more than 80 marathon medals, completing races in 15 states and 5 different countries, totaling well over 10,000 miles. “Anyone who participates in running a marathon can tell you that it is one of the most difficult things that you can put your body through, but what a testament of life, strength, and resilience it is to see so many people crossing the finish line of what has become one of the most incredible marathons in the world, ” Lawrence continued. “To cross that line for my father and for all those who are being honored by others participating in the race, and to do so on this very special birthday weekend, is truly a gift and something I will cherish for a lifetime.”