Accepting loss

So, you lost. You didn’t get the job, score the game-winning point, pass the test or win the contest. There isn’t a single human being who hasn’t experienced the feeling of defeat. It’s overwhelming, disheartening and discouraging. But it doesn’t have to be.

These setbacks may seem like failure, but they can actually be a part of your success. Every situation in life serves a purpose and offers a lesson. It’s what we pull from that moment in time and how we react that sets the course of our future milestones and achievements.

But it’s when we respond to moments of loss as if it’s the end of the world that we change our path to one of entitlement and even embarrassment. Whether it’s being outbid for the next job or being voted out of a position of leadership, such as we’ve witnessed with the historic election situation, learning to accept our losses with eloquence can make all the difference for our futures.


Here are a few DOs and DON’Ts when facing life’s disappointments.



Congratulate the winner.

Accept the results.

Seek 3 lessons.

Use those lessons for future growth.

Thank your supporters.

Use the setback as fuel.

Respond with gratitude.



Give up.

Become discouraged.

Vow to get revenge.

Blame others.

Stop planning for success.

Beat yourself up.

Use social media to voice your distaste in the situation.