Celebrating Our Seniors

Most students across the country and around the world have experienced an abrupt end to learning in the classroom setting. Zoom meetings and review and enrichment materials have replaced one-in-one educational situations, but the value of the learning experience has been greatly affected. And while some students have celebrated the six-month spring/summer break, there is one class of students for whom the changes have brought about a sense of sadness. Seniors are missing memorable milestones that mark an end to one era and the start of a new phase of adulthood. They’re missing out on prom, their last day of school, saying “goodbye” to friends they’ve spent the last 13 years of their lives with and they’re missing graduation and all that comes with it, from the ceremonies to the celebrations.

This leaves the rest of us facing a very important challenge: How can we give our graduating seniors the commemoration they truly deserve? We’ve gathered a few creative and meaningful ways that you can provide a preservation of memories, a ‘round of applause and a gentle send-off toward a promising future.

Organize a parade that includes photos of all the graduating seniors.

Provide a financial gift for the future.

Create a photo album that includes fond memories.

Make a YouTube video to capture senior stories.

Use social media to recognize talented seniors.

Place signs in the yards of graduates.

Use snail mail or UPS/FedEx to send a week-long selection of gifts.

Help a college-bound senior sign up for virtual tours of colleges and universities.

Hold an at-home prom.

Decorate a senior’s car.

Organize an “Adopt a Senior” on Facebook.

Decorate front doors.

Create a sports round-up of an athlete’s achievements.

Consider a book that inspires success. (Founder and CEO of LEAP Foundation DC wrote an inspirational book about his path to reaching success – you can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/The-Sum-Success-Clayton-Lawrence-ebook/dp/B00HEYLWUM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1392749240&sr=8-1&keywords=the+sum+of+my+success