Celebrating STEM achievement at Port Towns Elementary School

The mission of LEAP Foundation DC is simple: To bridge the gap between hope and achievement. To achieve this, the organization is committed to securing programming that will provide opportunities for today’s generation to reach success. This is best achieved through collaborative efforts with like-minded individuals and organizations that share a similar mission.

Dr. Clayton Lawrence, LEAP’s president and CEO, recently had the opportunity to speak at Port Towns Elementary School, Bladensburg, Md., where it is believed that “Culture + Data + Performance = The Promise of Port Towns ES Panther Scholars exceeding academic, social and behavioral expectations to be college and career ready.”

The June 13 afternoon visit was part of the school’s end-of-year celebration and it served as an opportunity to address participants of the BOLD mentoring program, which, according to Assistant Principal Jamel Kimbro, is “dedicated to developing young men who thrive in society and their communities by providing mentoring and engaging in character building activities that promote their ability to achieve success in all aspects of life.”

“It was a pleasure to be a part of the program, which celebrated the achievements of a group of hard-working students,” said Dr. Lawrence. “LEAP embraces opportunities to reinforce our mission. Our program stresses some of the very same focus areas as that of Port Towns Elementary School, such as character building and academic achievement. It is critical that we work together to prepare these young men for a successful future.”

In that regard, LEAP is proud to announce a $500 scholarship for student Michael David James II, a Port Towns student who Kimbro said has demonstrated a strong ability to perform well in his academic endeavors in both reading and math.

“He is a bright young man and has aspirations of becoming an engineer in the future,” Kimbro added.

The scholarship awarded by LEAP Foundation DC will allow James to purchase a technology device that will assist him in meeting his future educational goals.

“We’re happy to help make this possible for Michael,” Dr. Lawrence said. “As technology advances, it is important for today’s youth to be equipped with devices that make learning more efficient, engaging and hands-on. We hope that our scholarship allows Michael to meet his goals academically and work toward his ambition of becoming an engineer.”