Continued Remembrance

This year’s Memorial Day was different, to say the least. Picnics – if any were held at all – were much smaller. Some wore masks. Others gathered, but social distanced. So, while we did our best to remember the men and women who served our country proudly on Memorial Day, at LEAP Foundation DC, we’re choosing to extend our remembrance beyond the holiday and into the weeks ahead.

As we continue to celebrate the slow decline of the spread of COVID-19, may we do so with those who have come before us in mind. It is important to continue to social distance as much as possible, so if you’re looking for a few activities that bring the family together, we have compiled a great list that not only includes a few outdoor suggestions, but continues the practice of saluting our men and women in uniform and our country.


Keep it simple and have a mealtime discussion about the importance of celebrating Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

The Friday before Memorial Day is National Poppy Day – worn as a sign of remembrance. There are plenty of step-by-step tutorials on creating a tissue paper poppy pin. Create some and distribute them to local veterans.

Browse historical sites and online resources to touch up on the history of the United States, including the wars. Then share the stories of family members who may have served.

If the weather is rainy, take a few virtual tours, like to the nation’s capital, to see some historic monuments and to tour the White House, or to visit some memorials for fallen soldiers.

Write letters and create care packages for those currently serving.

Decorate the house and sidewalks with patriotic themes, using sidewalk chalk, flags and flowers.

Organize a group to keep the grave sites of veterans looking beautiful.

Reach out to the loved one of a deceased soldier to cheer them up with a basket of patriotic flowers or a festive baked good.

Commit to donating to a cause that supports veterans, wounded soldiers or families or sign up to participate in a future marathon that supports one of those causes and start training now.