Don’t Underestimate what YOUTH have to Offer

At LEAP Foundation DC, we’re all about exploring a young person’s potential because we believe that each and every youth we come across has amazing things to offer. We work toward exploring opportunities that nurture natural talents, we encourage confidence-building experiences and we try to provide a stage and a voice for those who may be disadvantaged or underserved.

Why do we do this? Because today’s generation of youth will become tomorrow’s leaders. It’s important to help these individuals reach their goals and experience success. We believe in youth and you should, too. Here are just a few of the valuable attributes we have found in the youth we work with:

Y – Youth have their youth to offer! They are young, full of energy and have so many roads ahead. We want to be a part of that exploration and development because discovering that potential is only the first step in finding success.

O – Opinions – Youth carry with them their own thoughts of today, tomorrow and the future, but are too afraid to share with others (especially adults). We want to hear them! Those opinions are so important to us and we respect each and every one of them. A youth’s developing brain is literally crammed with valuable input on the world today. They just need someone who wants to listen.

U – Underrated – Oftentimes, especially when it comes to those who are disadvantaged, youth are overlooked. A bad grade or a lack of involvement often means a student is crossed off the list as someone who has the potential to do great things. Let’s seek out the potential in ALL students and encourage them to believe in themselves.

T – Talent – We have a future of artists, musicians, athletes, politicians and scholars right at our fingertips! Providing a stage allows the student in your life to uncover amazing talent that builds confidence, pride and leadership skills.

H – Hunger – Do you remember when you were a young person and you were hungry for success? At one point in your life, you had a dream. Whether it was to be a doctor, lawyer, professional athlete or simply to make it through high school and attend college, you had a dream. You may have had a hunger at one point to reach for the stars, but without the support and the network to go after it, that hunger slowly dissipates and eventually disappears. Harness that hunger and encourage the drive that it takes to keep moving forward through failures and setbacks.