“Dr. Lawrence Earns Top Five Finishes in Jay Cutler Bodybuilding Classic”

“Dr. Lawrence Earns Top Five Finishes in Jay Cutler Bodybuilding Classic”

Dr. Clayton Lawrence earned three top-five finishes competing in his first bodybuilding competition, the Jay Cutler Classic, in Richmond, VA.

WASHINGTON – Aug. 13, 2017 — On Saturday, August 12th, Dr. Clayton Lawrence, Founder and Chairman of LEAP Foundation DC and President and CEO of Lawrence Executive Alliance of Professionals (LEAP), competed in his first bodybuilding competition. The Jay Cutler Classic, hosted by the four-time Mr. Olympia himself, Mr. Jay Cutler, was held in Richmond, Virginia, and both national and international athletes alike came to compete.

Dr. Lawrence, the avid endurance athlete making his debut into the sport of bodybuilding, earned three top-five finishes in three different categories.  Lawrence earned 2nd place in the Men’s Classic Physique Masters, 3rd place in the Men’s Classic Physique True Novice, and 5th place in the Men’s Classic Physique Open. Aside from his top-five finishes, Lawrence also had the privilege to meet Jay Cutler. “I was extremely inspired to meet a man who I consider to be a role model in the fitness industry, as a fierce competitor and as the four-time Mr. Olympia,” Lawrence commented.

One of the most meaningful, self-proclaimed accomplishments for Lawrence during the competition was overcoming the fear of the competition process. Lawrence shared, “Getting past the insecurity of people looking at your imperfections is difficult and overwhelming.” He continued, “When you’re young and have to give speeches, one of the pieces of advice people are often given is to imagine the audience as if they were naked, but in the case of bodybuilding, you are the one undressed.”

Dr. Lawrence’s coach, Kalil Zaky, captured a portion of his posing performance in a short video, which can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/229514832.  “Moving past the insecurities and discomfort of the moment is what attaining true health and wellness is about. You cannot meet your goals of change if you are unwilling to move past your comfort zones,” Lawrence stated.