Education During a Time of Uncertainty

Families across the nation – and all around the globe – for the first time in most of our lives are facing a time like no other. It is a time of uncertainty, fear and illness. Students find themselves home indefinitely when they should be in the final weeks of the school year, preparing for assessments, tests and college visitations. Instead, schools are closing, one after another, leaving parents wondering how their young students will complete the year with a proper education.

While many schools are offering remote classroom work on provided devices, even more districts were unprepared to face something of this magnitude. So, what are families to do during this shutdown that could potentially end the school year? Simple: Get creative, use online resources and connect in other ways.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to keep learning and stay engaged (many that typically require a subscription with a cost attached are offering free programs for the time being):


Educational sites:

Preschool – 6th grade students:

Kindergarten – 6th grade students:

Kindergarten – 12th grade students:

3rd – 8th grade students:


Netflix streaming:

David Attenborough’s National Curiosities

Nature’s Weirdest Events

How to Win the US Presidency

Untold Histories of the United States

Bill Nye the Science Guy



TED Talks

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

Brain Stuff

Science Friday


Virtual Trips

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam


San Diego Zoo


Monterey Bay Aquarium


The Great Wall of China


Other activities:

Go for a walk

Read a book


Choose one of the paintings from the above Van Gogh exhibit and try to recreate it

Make cards for elderly patients

Learn to cook