Feeling Accomplished? You Should!

The feeling of accomplishing a task is like no other. To complete a challenge successfully helps build self-esteem; offers an experience to learn and enhance knowledge on the subject; helps us to feel calmer when a to-do list gets shorter; and inspires us to believe in our capabilities.

But pushing ourselves to achieve great things takes determination, endurance, confidence and a desire to be the best version of oneself. It takes maturity to set goals and strive to reach them, but the rewards are immense.


How can you experience a sense of accomplishment?

Make a to-do list each day – crossing items off will become one of your favorite moments.

Make a one-month plan that includes a few things you’d like to accomplish around the house or apartment.

Make a list of things you like to do and commit to signing up for ways to enrich those interests, such as a class or workshop.

Start a journal that will allow you to track your progress and milestones.

Designate an accountability partner that can keep you motivated and celebrate with you when a goal is reached.

Meditate on your goals to gain perspective.

Reflect on the past day or week and point out a few ways you have either supported yourself or stood in the way of your own success.

Reach a physical accomplishment, such as completing an endurance event, and everything else will seem easier.

Choose an item that you’ll need to save money for and stick to your financial goals until you’re able to make the purchase.

Acknowledge your fears and find ways to face them one at a time through exposure and support from others.

Clear out your e-mail inbox (and maybe even respond to a few).

Find a new recipe and cook it for your family or friends.

Clean excess content from your smart device or computer, such as photos, apps, games or music.

Room by room, deep clean your living space.

Create a bucket list.

Fix something that is broken.