Finding the Good in Quarantine 

The quarantine has been difficult for everyone. It has caused us to find a new ways to work and learn from home, it has separated working parents from school-aged students and it has caused us to long for a world where we were free to meet up with friends, have dinner with family and shop without the fear of becoming sick.

Yes, it has been tough to be stuck at home. It has been hard to find ways to keep busy. But in any difficult situation, it can be beneficial to take a look around to find the good. There are some incredible ways to connect with others and take advantage of the new situation. Check out a few below:


Zoom has made it possible to connect with others – family, friends, teachers, co-workers – so that we can catch up, continue learning, complete our work, etc. It has been a valuable tool to simply have some human interaction other than with those within our four walls. If you haven’t given it a shot yet, try organizing a family gathering. Enjoy a meal together, play a game and just take some time to enjoy the company of others.

Virtual Tours

There are some really great ways to explore the world and visit places that you’d love to see. Check out the Great Wall of China, explore the Alamo, visit a few aquariums or zoos, explore an art exhibit, take a guided tour of the world’s big cities. If you have a computer or a smart device, virtual travel is at your fingertips. Plan a few trips and invite your family and friends along.

Time to catch up

If there is one thing we aren’t lacking, it’s time. You may be working from home, but that has created some undefined lines for many. Use the extra time to catch up on some hobbies. Read some books. Clean out your closet. Find productive ways to keep busy so that at the end of the day, you’re left with a feeling of accomplishment.

Better connect to kids’ school work

Many parents are finding that they can now have a better connection with their student. With young people learning from home, moms and dads are now more involved in the lessons, helping out if something is difficult and better communicating with teachers and schools. This is a new way to connect and serves as a win-win for both parent and student.