Giving Thanks

The holidays are here again;

the race begins today

to beat the clock and get the deals

before they’ve gone away.


Home is now much different;

we work, we learn, we shop.

And experts say it’s best to stay

until the virus stops.


Although we yearn for hugs and touch,

meals shared in the same room,

it has now become too risky,

so we rely on FaceTime and Zoom.


Never fail to remember, though,

that this, too, shall pass with time.

This temporary season of sacrifice

is just a blip of yours and mine.


Know that wherever you are,

you are thought of on this day.

A holiday of gratefulness,

a “thanks” from far away.


So, though the year has come full circle

and we miss the ones we love,

with patience and a bit more time,

we all will rise above.