Honoring All Father Figures

Father: A man in relation to his child or children (Oxford Languages).  

There is a misconception that Father’s Day has something to do with biological relationships, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Fathers come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes grandparents step in to fill the role, other times an adoption legally makes a man a father, but oftentimes, it’s a big brother, an uncle, a role model or a mentor who becomes what a youth needs.

Fathering a child is, no doubt, one of the greatest honors in a man’s life, but being a father figure can be just as impactful. Think for a moment about all the men who have influenced your life. Perhaps a stepfather has offered guidance or maybe an older friend is someone you have looked up to for support, direction and answers. Whoever the man is, we hope you’ll take some time this Sunday to show your appreciation for those who have committed to being a father, however that may look.

Here are a few special ways you can say thank you to the paternal presence in your life, even with coronavirus restrictions in place:


Write a heartfelt letter

Paint a hand-crafted mug

Plan a camping or fishing trip

Buy a star or land on Mars for astronomy lovers

Make dinner and a favorite dessert

Promise to mow the grass for a few weeks

Schedule a day of golfing

Pick up a gift card to a favorite sports bar or restaurant

Buy a new board game or card game that can be played with multiple people.

If the person has passed away, share your happiest memories on your social media platforms.

Sign him up for an online cooking or music class.

Subscribe him to a favorite magazine.

Help him get a restful night’s sleep with a weighted blanket.