“Investing in the Promise of Tomorrow”

LEAP Foundation DC presents another scholarship to a local D.C. student at the Recreation Wish List Committee’s 17th Annual Heart to Heart Event, October 29th.

WASHINGTONOct. 28, 2016 — LEAP Foundation DC is excited to announce the awarding of another Foundation scholarship to Rhajzon Rankins of Washington, D.C. Rhajzon will be presented with the scholarship at the 17th Annual Southeast Tennis and Learning Center (SETLC) and Recreation Wish List Committee’s (RWCL) Heart to Heart Tennis Event, put on in conjunction with the District of Columbia’s Department of Parks and Recreation on Saturday, October 29th. As the Foundation continues on with one of its dedicated missions of empowering young African-American men, Foundation Chairman, Dr. Clayton Lawrence, along with a dedicated partner in RWCL’s CEO and Founder, and the District of Columbia’s former First Lady, Ms. Cora Masters Barry, only continues to emphasize the critical nature of this mission now more than ever.

“The overarching mission of LEAP Foundation DC is to build bridges between hope and achievement for the underserved citizens of D.C. As we grow each year, and as we see the challenges that our community and society faces, we become further honed into what bridging those gaps will actually take and what this mission truly means,” Dr. Lawrence stated.

He continued, “It goes without saying that our young African-American men need to have greater access to mentorship, leadership, and scholarship opportunities that promote a stronger representation of the power that lies within them all. I know the opportunities that were afforded to me, not only due to the love and support of my family, but because of other individuals that chose to lead and push me towards greatness.”

Dr. Lawrence further added that, “LEAP Foundation DC will not waiver in its efforts to be an organization that invests in tomorrow’s leaders today, and through partnering with incredible organizations like the SETLC and RWLC, and phenomenal community leaders and activists, like Ms. Cora Masters Barry, we are fully engaging in conversations and initiatives that support the needs of our youth and community at large.”

Rhajzon, like each of the Foundation’s scholarship recipients, was identified by LEAP Foundation DC as being in the top of his class, currently attending The School Without Walls High School as a freshman in Washington, D.C. Recognizing the impact that his family, and more specifically, that his father has made in his life, Rhajzon has shown tremendous dedication and commitment to his academic and extracurricular endeavors. The $500 scholarship will be available to Rhajzon for him to purchase educational resources and materials, as he seeks to make the 2016-2017 year another successful school year.

“Any time we come across a student like Rhajzon, we become more excited about the future of our community, the future of D.C., and the future of our nation. We know that it will be young people like him that generate the next big ideas, initiatives, and movements of their time, and to be a small part of the village that raises and supports the beginnings of greatness, means more to us than we can truly begin to put into words. We are thrilled to be able to present Rhajzon this scholarship at, what has become, such an incredible community event, and cannot thank Ms. Cora Masters Barry enough for hosting this occasion as a part of this wonderful event. We more than look forward to all of the excitement that the event will hold,” Dr. Lawrence concluded.