LEAP Foundation DC Announces Scholarship Recipient, Malcolm Norman

LEAP Foundation DC is pleased to present a $2,500 scholarship to Malcolm Norman in support of his educational advancement in the medical field, specifically in psychiatry and anesthesiology. The unrestricted funds are expected to be used for application, interview and travel expenses, as well as other costs that have traditionally served as a barrier for underrepresented students from applying to a career in medicine.

“Everyone, everywhere, on every continent, in every country, is aware of the global health crisis that we are continuing to face and the coronavirus pandemic has brought to light the alarming health disparities in medicine,” said Dr. Clayton Lawrence, founder and CEO of LEAP Foundation DC. “It is more important now than ever to support the endeavors of our young professionals that have the drive, desire and tenacity to not only see us through the year’s historic pandemic, but create a healthier America for all. The recent election and political war has created a nation of great divide and our scholarship program allows us to support the individuals that can contribute to the reunification of this great nation.”

The mission of LEAP Foundation DC is to “bridge the gap between hope and achievement” and the nonprofit accomplishes this through educational and training opportunities that meet the aspirations of the underserved citizens of the District of Columbia and, most recently, reaching those in southern areas of the country through expansion efforts.

“Our commitment lies in finding ways to improve the lives of communities and the individuals that make them thrive,” Lawrence said. “Our scholarship program is one way we can recognize the efforts of minority students who have committed themselves to educational advancement, overcoming obstacles, bettering their communities and serving as leaders for future generations. Malcolm has demonstrated all of these attributes and more.”

The New York University (NYU) psychology major boasts a cumulative GPA of 3.54 and was on the Dean’s List for 2019 to 2020. A defining moment for him came when he received the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship from NYU in 2017, which, he said, truly reflects the characteristics he possesses, namely that he is a caring and dedicated individual in all he does. He said his main goal is to impact as many people’s lives as possible, striving to “break the stigma” that he said is associated with the children of his hometown of Chelsea, Mass., and providing equal treatment for his future patients.

Norman spent a great deal of time with the Boys and Girls Club of Boston, where, as a youth, he found a safe space to focus on academics, athletics, and “making the right decisions” and his engagement with the Ready to Work (RTW) Initiative, as well as his readiness to engage in job and career readiness work, has made him a RTW Fellow, something Workforce Readiness Director Dana Smith said is a designation for those students who excel in their abilities at work and in leadership with the group.

“Of all the students we have worked with over the past nine years, Malcolm is easily in the top 5 percent in his ability to communicate and connect to employers and peers, perform at work, take in constructive feedback, and lead his peers,” Smith said. “He is a leader and will have a huge impact on any community of which he becomes a part.”

Christopher W. Holiman, Esq., Academic Advisor, NYU College of Arts & Science, and Assistant Director, Academic Achievement Program at Academic Resource Center, said that Malcolm’s “ability to promote equality and give back to his community makes him one of the most endearing and driven students” that he has worked with as an academic and program advisor.

“Throughout the time that I have known him, Malcolm has thus been particularly present while simultaneously balancing his academics and numerous professional endeavors,” Holiman said.

As a student at NYU, Norman has also joined an undergraduate men of color student organization that also is advised by Holiman. Gentleman of Quality (GQ) membership requires that students attend at least two mentorship opportunities and one community service initiative a semester, as well as various monthly community service activities throughout New York City.

“Malcolm has been a standout participant, volunteer and member within GQ, particularly as he works to mentor and inspire underclassmen pre-med students,” Holiman said.

LEAP Foundation DC would like to recognize and thank the university’s associated dean, William Long, for being an unwavering advocate for underrepresented students pursuing careers in health professions.