LEAP Foundation DC Supporting Talent Towards Greatness

LEAP Foundation DC awards an academic scholarship to Jamaru Williams to attend The Center for Gifted and Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins.

WASHINGTONJune 28, 2016 — Built upon a firm commitment to support youth education, LEAP Foundation DC awarded another one of its academic scholarships to outstanding 8th grader, Jamaru Williams, earlier this June.

Since it was established in 2009, LEAP Foundation DC has been a dedicated and tireless supporter of area youth educational initiatives, taking it upon itself to regularly award scholarships to deserving students. Foundation Chairman, Dr. Clayton Lawrence, states, “The LEAP organizations were founded upon the pillars of service, leadership, mentorship, education, health, and wellness. Myself and the members of my organizations work daily to ensure that each of those pillars help to elevate and bring success to the citizens of Washington D.C. and its surrounding areas.” He continued, “Of these pillars, we place a particular emphasis on the education and mentorship of the youth in our community, because we recognize that these are the next great leaders of our time and that their leadership will shape our society for generations to come. ”

Dr. Lawrence went on to state that Jamaru epitomizes, at a young age, the qualities and characteristics of a young leader for which people will begin to quickly take notice. Scoring the highest score, 93%, for his school on his Regents examinations, Jamaru completed the 8th grade this year with impressive academic prowess. However, he will not take the summer off like most students his age, but instead immediately begin preparing for high school.

With the LEAP Foundation DC Scholarship, Jamaru will attend The Center for Gifted and Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins. Founded in 1979, The Center is a nonprofit organization that seeks to identify students with a high aptitude for educational attainment and success through a competitive talent search program. The center’s ultimate mission is “to engage in, and communicate, meaningful research to advance the understanding of teaching the world’s most capable young people.”

“We are always honored to positively impact the lives of young people who are striving towards greatness,” Dr. Lawrence closed by saying. “Jamaru has been a pleasure to mentor and we know that the work he does at Johns Hopkins this summer will be a tremendous spring board for an excellent academic career in high school and beyond. We wish the very best and look forward to keeping track of his endeavors.”