LEAP WITH US: 25 Ways to Be More Confident

(Dr. Clayton Lawrence, founder and CEO, shares his thoughts in a weekly column focused on community wellness and inspiring others.)

For some, confidence and success just comes easy. But for others, self-doubt seems to control the conversation. We can all be a little too hard on ourselves from time to time. When we draw a blank at exam time, miss the shot that could have won the game, have a bad hair day or find ourselves next to someone who seems to have it all together – moments like these can really derail our positive self-chatter.

But when we recognize that reaching our goals is all about finding an inner voice that offers an encouraging word and leads us down the path of success, everything seems to change. We rely less on those around us to shape our thinking and we become the person we know we were meant to be.

Consider our “25 Ways” below and discover a more confident, successful you.

1 Stop comparing yourself with others – you are perfect!

2 Only wear what makes you feel fabulous

3 Engage in activities in which you excel

4 Don’t be afraid to try new things

5 Believe you can succeed

6 Visualize success

7 Wear your favorite color

8 Correct your posture – stand tall and proud

9 Accept compliments

10 Be brave

11 Work up a sweat to wash out impurities

12 Practice meditation

13 Learn to say “no”

14 Lose the guilt

15 Surround yourself with upbeat music

16 Eliminate toxic people from your life

17 Journal your feelings

18 Learn to focus on the moment

19 Don’t follow the crowd

20 Pretend no one is watching

21 Travel alone

22 Volunteer and know you’re making a difference

23 Practice self-compassion

24 Redirect negative self-chatter

25 Surround yourself with a few kind words throughout the house