LEAP WITH US: Making the Grade

(Dr. Clayton Lawrence, founder and CEO, shares his thoughts in a weekly column focused on community wellness and inspiring others.)

We’ve all experienced the pressure to “make the grade.” And while some of us recognized the power of education at a young age, others couldn’t see the long-term picture (or even the short term, for that matter). That’s why we’re on a mission here at LEAP Foundation DC to introduce our youth mentees to the importance of maintaining their grades early in their educational journeys. This could be as simple as offering support through tutoring or as involved as pairing students up with a fellow nonprofit that is willing to collaborate missions to make a bigger impact.

Here’s why:

Knowledge truly is power.

Grades are a reflection of what has been learned.

Acing a test can boost self-esteem.

With acceptable grades comes additional privileges.

Maintaining good grades is easier than gaining control of a bad grade.

Good grades could lead to more scholarships.

Being a top student saves you money!

Doing well academically in middle school and junior high school pave the way for high school success.

Opportunities are abundant for serious students.

Confidence levels soar when the report card makes others proud.

Involvement in grades-based clubs like honor society can open up the door for incredible opportunities, such as travel and leadership.

Better grades lead to more respect.

Extra credit is a safety net – take all that you can get!

Poor grades could get you benched in sports.

Good grades mean better preparation for college entrance exams.

Nailing the college entrance exams means getting into the college of your choice.

Academic progress really matters when it comes to the college financial aid process.

A successful college experience means a positive start in the professional world.

Graduate schools rely on grades and test scores when considering individuals for acceptance into programs.

Your persistence in overcoming challenges in academics will prove important in many of life’s surprises.