Moving Toward Success

Does thinking about the future fill you with excitement or butterflies? For most people, the answer to this is both, but for some, thoughts about five or 10 years are filled with anxiety. It can be hard to imagine success, especially for those who may be disadvantaged or underprivileged, but achieving goals and thriving is possible for anyone. While the future isn’t certain, it is filled with opportunity, but it’s important to move past a phase of doubt and into a season of confidence and drive.

But before any idea can become fruitful, there are a few steps that must be taken. For the dream to become reality, consider creating an outline that fills in the gaps and eliminates unnecessary anxieties.

Start by:

Think about what exactly it is you want – a house, a promotion, a college degree – and work with a trusted mentor to create a plan that offers the steps to get there. If you’re a high school student who wants to become a doctor one day, visit with the school counselor to discuss the appropriate coursework or available scholarships. If you want to purchase a home, meet with a financial advisor who can walk you through the steps of developing a solid credit history and teach you how to live within your means.

The next steps involve putting that planning into action. It helps to create a plan that breaks apart the next 1, 5 and 10 years. Maybe your 1-year plan involves keeping your grades above a certain average or beating your own athletic goals. Or perhaps in five years, you’d like to be finished with college and into an entry-level professional job that helps you to “get your foot in the door.” Put that plan into action and never stop thinking about the steps it will take to reach your goals.

Everything in life requires some level of interaction with others. We thrive when we’re sharing ideas and working together. Use your social media platforms to become involved in discussions about your area of interest or join a local club or group that is committed to something you feel strongly about. Expanding your circle doesn’t just provide a sounding board, it also opens up the potential for future opportunities.

Reaching one success isn’t the end of the road. It takes hard work and determination to maintain those successes and turn them into future achievements. If you made it into the college of choice, work hard to get the degree. If you applied for a specific job at the company of your dreams, but were hired for a different role, determine what it might take to work your way up the ladder. The goal is to never stop growing, learning and, especially, dreaming.