Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

It can be so easy when perusing the bookstore or library shelves to pull a book out, glance at the cover and put it back in its place if the face of the book wasn’t “enough.” Perhaps the illustration or layout was disappointing or it didn’t seem professionally designed. In some cases, this may be true, but in others, you just might be missing out on the best book on the shelf.

When we work with the youth residing in and around the Washington, D.C., area, it’s a lot like picking out a “good” book. Many individuals see the clothing, race, family background or grades of a person and too quickly turn away, missing out on exploring the potential of an incredible student and future leader.

This week, we challenge you to look beyond the cover of the book. Recognize the challenges today’s youth are facing and work toward providing opportunities that support, accept and encourage their abilities to overcome whatever is holding them back. There could be a number of situations just under the surface that are preventing the youth from shining. Here are a few:


Financial struggles

An unsupportive home life

An abusive situation

A learning disability

Anxiety or depression

Loss of a loved one

Remember the last time you carried your bad day on your face or in your attitude? Others were probably put off by your negative behavior. Don’t do the same to a youth who could use supportive outreach more than ever. Consider a few of the above situations and work toward opening the doors of communication through healthy conversations and activities. At LEAP Foundation DC, no youth is turned away and it is never too late to choose a different path, discover available resources, reach goals and celebrate success.