“New York Fashion for a Cause”

“New York Fashion for a Cause”

LEAP Foundation DC Chairman and LEAP CEO, Dr. Clayton Lawrence, model debut in New York raised funds for children with autoimmune diseases.

WASHINGTON – Sept. 4, 2015 – PRLog — On Saturday, August 8th, Dr. Clayton Lawrence, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Lawrence Executive Alliance of Professionals (LEAP), LLC, and its nonprofit partner organization, LEAP Foundation DC, participated in a charity modeling and fashion event to raise awareness for children with autoimmune diseases.

Held at the Holiday Inn Midtown in New York, the Autoimmune Metro Style Fashion show is an annual event that was created by former model, Sabre’, CEO of Sabre’ Inc., after she was diagnosed with the autoimmune illness of Graves’ disease. Highly sought after by schools and organizations to teach and guide up and coming young models, Sabre’ speaks about her annual event stating that she “wanted to promote autoimmune disease awareness through [her] love of fashion.”

Well-known for his love of arts and fashion, Dr. Lawrence has always been passionate about supporting causes that blend his love of favorite pastimes and interests with events making a positive impact in communities across the nation. When asked about his participation in the fashion show, he stated, “I have always had an affinity for the arts, and every opportunity that I get to not only attend artistic events, but engage in and reveal my own creative side, as well as raise awareness for important causes, it’s something that I am beyond thrilled to do.” He continued, stating that, “Sabre’ is an incredible example of what it means to overcome significant personal obstacles to achieve success, and more importantly, a phenomenal individual that has utilized that success to, in turn, help others that are fighting some of the same battles that she, herself, continues to fight today. I am honored to be a small part of her work and efforts, and I am inspired by her fearless courage to live life to the fullest.”

The event consisted of a full day of industry workshops for children and young adults attending followed by an adults’ fashion show at 8:00 p.m. Special guests for the weekend included Bravo TV’s “Game of Crowns” stars Susanna Paliotta and her daughter Isabella, showing their “Bound By The Crown” collection. Other celebrity guests included child actress Ariana Neal, featured in Kevin Hart’s Get Hard, and child actors The JMG Boyz, featured in Russ Parr’s A Christmas Blessing.

All proceeds from the event go directly to autoimmune disease programs, support groups, and a Graves’ Disease Center that is currently in development in Philadelphia.