LEAP WITH US: We’re a Fortunate Community

Dr. Clayton Lawrence, founder and CEO, shares his thoughts in a weekly column focused on community wellness and inspiring others. Throughout the years, LEAP Foundation DC has had the absolute privilege of partnering with other nonprofits in our quest to bridge the gap between hope and achievement. These are organizations that work tirelessly to ensure […]

LEAP WITH US: Get Smart About Smartphones

(Dr. Clayton Lawrence shares his thoughts in a weekly column focused on community wellness and inspiring others.) Let’s be honest – smartphones rule the world; yep, even mine. Calendar, phone, email, camera – it’s all there on one hand-held device. So, can we really blame the younger generation for spending too much time on digital […]

Dr. Clayton Lawrence honored to attend VIP gathering at home of Colombian Ambassador Camilo Reyes

Much like the mission of LEAP Foundation DC is to bridge the gap between hope and achievement for the underserved youth residing in the District of Columbia, the District’s Embassy of Colombia aims to act as a bridge between the Columbian government and the United States, striving to advance the longstanding bilateral relationship between both […]

Tatiana Ball continues in memory of the late Princess Selene Obolensky who birthed the idea to organize an event that would raise funds for the St. John Benevolent Fund for Russian Children in Need

What an amazing and enriching experience to be able to spend a Saturday evening at the fourth annual Tatiana Ball, honoring the history of Russia. The country is known for having one of the richest and most influential cultures around the world and it was evident in the intricate details of this beautiful evening. Dr. […]

LEAP scholar travels to Belgium fueled by Van Gogh’s artistic energy

LEAP Foundation DC is pleased to award a 2018 LEAP Scholarship to Jamaru Williams, a student at Xaverian High School. The scholarship honors a student who, through studying abroad, will nurture a natural drive to be a leader. This year’s Bruges, Belgium, exchange will take place from Feb. 16 through 26, and includes a visit […]

LEAP Foundation DC thanks Washingtonian Camelia Mazard for Philanthropic Leadership

LEAP Foundation DC was honored to be a part of the “Black and Bling Fete,” where the Capital City Links took the stage in support of the Shepherd Park Elementary School Early Readers Program. The benefit, which took place on the Arena Stage, Mead Center for American Theater, is featured in the Washington Informer Newspaper […]

LEAP Foundation DC featured in ‘Social Sightings,’ Washington Informer Newspaper

Since 1964, the Washington Informer Newspaper Co. Inc. has been highlighting positive images of African Americans. The multimedia organization continues to print positive news that is intended to educate, empower and inform its readers. LEAP Foundation DC is pleased to be included in the weekly Social Sightings column, once published by photojournalist and longtime Foundation […]