Staying Active While Quarantined

Students and parents: Last week, we provided a resource of educational and fun things you can be doing while your school may be closed due to the coronavirus epidemic. You can find that column here. We hope you have taken some time to virtual visit a zoo, aquarium, museum, or historical location, brush up on your math skills or enjoy some educational material offered by Netflix or through a recommended podcast.

If you’re like most students – and even adults – you’re probably getting a big stir crazy. Doctors and officials across the country have said that it is OK to step outside for some outdoor activity, so long as you practice important social distancing. This means walking with your friends is a no-no, but soaking up the sun is a yes, please!

It is important to stay physically active during these uncertain times, both for physical health and mental wellbeing. And now may be the perfect opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and explore just how creative you can be.

Here are a few ways you can stay – or get – physically active while practicing safe social distancing. Remember, any activity is better than none!

Pace while reading an e-book or listing to a podcast.

Fast climb your stairs a few times each day.

Use your own body weight for strength training, doing press-ups, sit ups and planks.

Take the dog for a walk.

Work on prepping the landscape for spring.

Dance to get the heart rate up and release anxiety and tension.

Check out some online fitness or yoga programs like Daily Burn, Cosmic Yoga or Gaia.

Group FaceTime your friends for an aerobics class led by one of you.

Dust off your parents’ old stationary bike and cycle indoors.

Strap on a pair of boots and go for a hike.

If your school is providing remote classwork, do it standing up.

Clean your bedroom.

Plank or squat while watching a few episodes of Netflix.

Play the floor is lava with the entire family.

Try to master the headstand.

Act like an animal, waddling like a duck and hopping like a frog.