There’s More to Spring Cleaning

While spring cleaning is a great time to dust off and freshen up after the winter months, there is a hidden benefit to committing to some deep cleaning. You know that feeling you get when you have taken some time to clean out the junk drawer or organize an area that has been neglected? It feels amazing, right? You probably feel accomplished, refreshed and ready to get productive.

There is science behind the benefits of organizing. And it is incredibly important that we share this with the youth in our lives, just like we would share how to cook, manage finances and set goals. Here are a few areas that you can (and should) consider updating, along with a few ways it can help:

The closet – One favorite trick is to turn all the hangers in the opposite direction. As items are worn, turn them the right way. Whatever is left facing the opposite direction after six months should be purged.

The bathroom cabinet – It can be so easy to pile up unused lotions, shampoos and body washes and before you know it, you have shelves filled with half empty bottles. Time to start fresh!

Under the bed – Out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong! You know you’ve been stashing things under there, so pull out the shoes and books and boxes of photos and really consider what is worth keeping.

The kitchen cabinets and pantry – These are some of the most-used areas of the house and can quickly can become the most unorganized. Take some time to pull everything from the shelves, check expiration dates, wash up plates and glasses, and restock in a way that makes sense for your living situation.

The backpack/work bag/purse – It’s so easy to just stash papers, receipts and other items in a bag with the intention of helping it finds its proper place, but let’s be honest – that never happens. Making this a weekly habit – especially for students – can truly make a difference. When the backpack is organized, things are easily accessible for studying, test-taking and classwork.


Why is this important? Living in clutter or even just dealing with an unorganized shelf on a regular basis can be draining. Some people have even jumped on the trend of living simply with very little possessions in very tiny spaces. There is no need to go that far – you’ll experience the same great benefits that these folks have discovered, including:


Energy and calm (yes, at the same time)

Reduced stress (because everything has a place)

A sense of control (because everything’s placement makes sense for you)

Improved sleep (less clutter and a sense of accomplishment can lead to this)

Better health (because of less stress, less dust and more time)

Increased productivity (because you’ll know exactly what needs done)

Commitment to goals (because clarity brings with it a sense of empowerment)

An improved diet (because your meal planning will be easier)

It’s so much easier to just let things pile up around you, but eventually, you’ll find that you’re eating poorly, developing bad sleep habits, your grades may suffer and you may even become embarrassed to welcome guests. Organization is personal. Find what works for you and set a good example for the youth in your life. He or she will begin to understand that making sense of the workload through some simple organizational steps could lead to more happiness, increased energy and better grades.