Think Big and Maximize Your Fundraising Efforts

We’re all passionate about something. Whether it’s providing money to cancer research organizations, helping the homeless in the community, or providing support for a sick loved one that inspires you to step up, we hope you know that your efforts are appreciated. Without your thoughtfulness and generosity, the people you’re helping may not have access to what they need to overcome their challenges.

But raising funds for a worthy cause can seem like a daunting task. You may ask: Where do I start? How do I raise the funds? How can I maximize my efforts? As a nonprofit organization, LEAP Foundation DC understands how important it is to be successful in our fundraising efforts. Without the support of our generous donors, we wouldn’t be able to provide the valuable programming that not only lays out a positive path for today’s youth, but guides families and communities to a better, brighter future.

So, where do you start, how do you raise the funds and how can you maximize your efforts? Here are a few helpful suggestions to get you moving in the right direction. On behalf of LEAP Foundation DC, thank you for your kindness.


Where do I start?

As with most things in life, knowledge is power. If you’re raising funds for a cause that you believe in, it’s important to know your stuff. Donors are relying on you to share exactly why they should support you in your efforts.

Learn the statistics

Understand the terms and definitions

Know who is at risk

Emphasize exactly who you’re supporting

Be informed about how exactly the money will be used

Share a few success stories about those who have benefitted in the past


How do I raise the funds?

There are so many incredible ways to raise funds, but you must first thing like a salesperson. Once you have a sales pitch in mind based upon the above considerations, it’s time to go after those donations.

Grab a buddy and visit neighbors (but check with your local city or borough office before doing so)

Write a personal letter to send to friends, family and neighbors

Set up a bake sale at a local event

Host a dinner, bingo or talent show

Hold a rummage sale

Hire an auctioneer and hold a charity auction

Design a t-shirt and sell them to your peers

Run a golf tournament or walk-a-thon


How can I maximize my efforts?  

While there are countless “old-fashioned” ways to reach your supporters, the Internet can be a great way to extend an invitation to give. Everyone is different, so it’s important to design fundraising tools in a way that is simple for all. This could include postal mailings, a phone call or the use of social media. Here are a few ideas:

Set up a GoFundMe account

Use your social media platforms as a way to spark interest and make all posts sharable

Request donations in lieu of birthday gifts

Create a fundraising team of friends and family who can help with outreach efforts

Take advantage of peak giving times, such as the springtime, when everyone is feeling happier, could be considering their annual charitable giving, and possibly received a tax return

Think big, using a platform such as marathon running to legitimize your efforts and garner support

Write a “Letter to the Editor” to encourage donations