Ways You Can Stay Involved from a Distance

Things are really looking different not just for Americans, but all around the world. It’s hard to imagine that just about a year ago, we were planning Christmas parties and holiday gatherings in a setting without masks, social distancing or over-sized bottles of sanitizer. For some, the changes and restrictions have been lonely, causing many to have very little, if any, in-person or physical interactions with others. We know it’s been tough.

Each week, we try to provide tips on getting through these troubling times and, with vaccine distribution under way, we have new sense of hope that we’ll soon be putting this unprecedented year behind us. If you’re like most people, there has been something in the past several months that has led you to want to step up and become more involved. But then, there’s COVID. Don’t give up. Technology has provided ample opportunities to still become involved and make a difference in your community, causing a ripple effect across the country and, ultimately around the world. So, whether it’s food insecurity, racial injustice, politics or healthcare that has lit your fire, here are a few ways you can stay involved while following guidelines and staying well.


Distribute food

Food sensitivity is major right now in our country. Even those who would have never imagined needing assistance from a food distribution center have found themselves waiting in long lines for staples that will keep their families fed while they try to make ends meet. The volunteers are working day and night to ensure that they are able to meet the needs of their community. If you find yourself with some free time and if you want to help your friends and neighbors, volunteering at your local food bank is a great way to contribute.


Technology has presented incredible opportunities for contributing to great causes, thanks to social media and website templates that can be designed by just about anyone. Use your platforms to voice your opinions and share your passion for something that is meaningful to you. You’ll be able to reach a large group of people quickly and directly. There’s always the old-fashioned route, too, by contributing to the Letters to the Editor section of your local newspaper. This is a great way to reach a population that continues to read the daily newspaper in print and online.

Give back

If you have been able to keep your regular income throughout the pandemic, consider yourself lucky. So many others have faced furloughs, lay-offs and terminations and are having a difficult time finding a source to replace their income. If you are one of the lucky ones, consider making a donation to a local nonprofit, homeless shelter, food bank or soup kitchen. In addition, if you know of a struggling family in your neighborhood or social circle, setting them up with a grocery delivery can help them temporarily eliminate one worry.