Wear Your Right to Vote Like a Badge (or Sticker) of Honor

The November elections are unlike any other election year and it is more important than ever to get outand vote. It is our privilege and our right to have our voices heard.

At LEAP Foundation DC, we aim to provide a voice and a stage to young people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to share their voices. We do this by opening doors, offering encouragement and aligning their needs with programs that will help them advance academically and professionally.

As Americans, the right to vote begins at 18 years old, so part of our preparedness for the youth in our life should focus on the importance of becoming involved politically. We aren’t saying run for office, we aren’t even saying campaign for either party, we’re saying help today’s young people to make informed decisions by learning all there is to know about the Republican and Democratic parties so that, when the time comes, they are prepared to hit to polls with interest, enthusiasm and a desire to be a part of the success of this great country.

So, why is the simple task of casting a vote so important? Does our one vote really count? Absolutely, yes! And here’s why:

This is a free country. Thank those who have fought for the right to vote by casting your vote in November.

This is a small, yet IMPACTFUL way to stand up for the issues you care about.

It only takes 10 minutes to vote.

Voting is a great way to choose how your hard-earned tax dollars are being spent.

Wish things were different? Vote and encourage others to do the same. Support the candidates that have the best interests of the community, state and nation in mind.

There is a community of younger people who are counting on you to make the future bright for them.

Voting sets a good example for those same younger people that look up to you.

You’ll earn your right to complain.

You’ll become a part of something much bigger than your small scope on life.

Because millions before us fought for the right for ALL to cast a vote.

The decisions of your local government will directly impact you.

Those same local governments take the reins when things like global pandemics sweep the nation.

Voting isn’t just our right or privilege, it is our responsibility as Americans.