What is LEAP Foundation DC?

Just like you, here at LEAP Foundation DC, we’re continuing to find creative ways to make use of our time during the nearly nationwide stay-at-home order intended to curb the spread of the coronavirus. People all around the world are facing difficult times, including loss of employment, illness, lack of educational resources, boredom and loneliness. But, as we’ve said before, we’re all in this together. If we continue to think of others in all that we do, we’ll come out ahead of this deadly virus stronger and more resilient than ever.

And LEAP will be here, ready to assist through programming and opportunities that address the needs of the overlooked and disregarded. For those who aren’t familiar with our mission, we aim to “bridge the gap between hope and achievement.” We do this through a variety of ways that have an impact not only on today, but on the future of the community here in Washington, D.C., as well as communities across the nation and around the world. Read on to learn how LEAP’s comprehensive outreach efforts support the overall health and wellness of people and communities.

Educational and training opportunities

Throughout the year, LEAP searches for ways to encourage students to discover the importance of an education that thrives during the elementary, junior high and high school years and continues after graduation. We offer several scholarship opportunities that support continued education, technological needs, study abroad programs and more.

Support local organizations in their efforts to improve their community

We are proud to partner with organizations that are driven to inspire health and wellness throughout their communities. For the past several years, we have partnered with the Latino Student Fund, which supports Latino students in their educational efforts and recognizes the hardships faced by minority populations. Our annual Toy Drive is a memorable opportunity for us to adopt two hard-working LSF families and present them with an unforgettable Christmas experience. In addition, we have worked with the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center, which has served more than 10,000 district youth by providing tennis instruction, tutoring, life skills, developmental chess, a computer room, a library, and educational and personal reinforcement.

Provide a stage and voice for those who are overlooked and disregarded

As youth mentors, we understand that success isn’t just about educational and career goals. It’s about life lessons that give us the confidence it takes to truly fill out leadership roles. We believe everyone has the potential to become a leader and, though our LEAP scholars and mentors have faced challenges, we’re here to help them overcome to reach their full potential. This includes our Suited for Success program, which is designed to teach young men the proper way to dress for things like job and college interviews, as well as assist in the preparation of college applications and serve as a sounding board for the hardships of growing up in the modern world. In addition, youth participants are invited to attend and participate in professional gatherings, interacting and communicating with today’s leaders.

Marathon participation

LEAP Foundation DC, through President and CEO Dr. Clayton Lawrence’s active participation in marathon running, has proudly supported countless organizations and their incredible causes around the world, including the American Cancer Society, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Smile Train, American Institute for Cancer Research, and many others.