You Are

(Dr. Clayton Lawrence, founder and CEO, shares his thoughts in a weekly column focused on community wellness and inspiring others.)

It has been said that anything that follows the words “I Am” have the potential to be true. Many of us don’t realize that what we believe about ourselves is very much reflected to others, often giving them a false impression at first meeting. Take that last job interview – perhaps you were nervous. Maybe you felt your skills were lacking in a particular area. Or maybe your confidence was just generally off that day. Looking back, you know what you would have said, but because you believed you were incapable, you projected weakness.

We want you to know that you ARE capable. While we all are born with unique strengths and weaknesses, it’s time you embrace all that you have to offer. No longer give your weaknesses power. No longer project that which you believe to be holding you back. From this day forward, we challenge you to focus on the qualities that make you amazing, worthy and fully capable of handling every challenge that is before you.

We are confident that at least five of the following declarations will ring true for you. Choose one to become your daily manta and choose another in an area that might be a struggle for you to believe. See how your life changes and blossoms in incredible ways.

I am brave.

I am strong.

I am beautiful.

I am grateful.

I am funny.

I am lovable.

I am smart.

I am capable.

I am fearless.

I am confident.

I am graceful.

I am kind.

I am spontaneous.

I am caring.

I am optimistic.

I am gracious.

I am enough.

I am happy.

I am loving.

I am talented.

I am forgiving.

I am powerful.

I am unstoppable.

I am in control.

I am me.