Kids Across America Are Asking: How Can We Help?

Across the country and around the world, we’re all feeling the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. Hospitals and health care workers, employers, parents, students, teachers – all are feeling a level of anxiety over the future. Will we have enough equipment to treat those who will require hospitalization? Will unemployment continue to rise? Will our families stay healthy? Will we return to school? On and on the list of questions continues.

And while the majority of the news has been negative, there are heartwarming stories about applauding at the shift change in New York City that can be heard far and wide, there are teachers offering review and enrichment materials so that students can continue learning and there are countless ways local governments are stepping up to assist those who have been financially affected.

But back to that list of questions. One question that young people are asking across the nation is “how can we help?” Aspiring medical students, graduating seniors and kind-hearted individuals are ready to join the fight against this deadly virus, a true testament to what LEAP Foundation DC has recognized all along – we have an incredible generation of future leaders.

So, how can young people help alleviate the burden during this incredibly difficult time or at least make this time more positive and healthy? Feel free to pass along a few of the following suggestions that, big or small, can have a positive impact on those around us.


Send out letters of gratitude to those on the front lines, from the postman, to the family physician, to the grocery store employee.

Practice social distancing – while it’s true that the majority of young people will have mild symptoms if they contract the disease, it’s the spread that is most concerning.

Offer to do the shopping for an older neighbor.

Wash your hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds, several times each day.

Check school resources and remain in communication with counselors and teachers.

Send encouraging notes to friends and loved ones.

Donate time at a local food bank.

Consider fostering a pet from a shelter that has been forced to close its doors.

Post something positive each day on your social media apps.

Make dinner for the family.

Help with younger siblings by reading books and playing educational games.

Staying home is the No. 1 way, along with hand washing and social distancing, to stop the spread. Please, on behalf of your friends, loved ones and strangers, comply with this.

Consider making a donation to a local nonprofit – every penny counts!

Take this time to make some decisions about your educational future and career aspirations and research ways to go after this. This will end and your future will be bright!

Plant flowers for others to bring positive vibes to the neighborhood.